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Three Portraits of Johann Kraus

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Nick Briz Profiled At Rhizome

Do you actively study art history? + Do you read art criticism, philosophy, or critical theory? If so, which authors inspire you? yes && yes. I’m xtreamly interested in the parallel/perpendicular + complementing/contradicting + fringe && mainstream narratives that make … Continue reading

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On the Inhuman Drama of Pacific Rim

SPOILERS FOR PACIFIC RIM AND OTHER DEL TORO FILMS WHOOPS A reading of Pacific Rim: Right off I want to say that I enjoyed the movie while cringing and being hugely disappointed every single time a character said the word “bitch” … Continue reading

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Steven Shaviro on Lost Highway

That’s why the first half of Lost Highway is so brooding and mysterious. It pushes up against the limits of what can be seen and said. So much is hinted at, and so little is shown. Even the event upon which the … Continue reading

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Ticketing After the End of the World

This is just a quick thing. I’ve watched several seasons of the show Parking Wars. The basic conceit of the show is that it follows parking authority officers around during ticketing, booting, and release procedures. Generally it is just about … Continue reading

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Trouble in the Neighborhood

This morning I did what I do on Mondays and walked over to a local coffee shop that is almost always filled with white men in their fifties complaining to other white men in their fifties about things that will … Continue reading

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Rendering the Visible II: Figure CFP

The Moving Image Studies program at Georgia State University (that’s where I am!) is putting on a conference early next year. It is named Rendering the Visible II, and it is a theoretically heavy kind of thing that is radically nondisciplinary … Continue reading

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