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Sam Biddle on Google Glass Evangelism

There’s no clear answer as to why Scoble has hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitter and Facebook, given that he’s just a guy who works for a data hosting company. This isn’t one of the great minds of our … Continue reading

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You Buy It I Write It: Rogue Warrior

Is there a game you think I should write about? If you purchase a game for me on Steam, I will play it. Check out the information here. You can check out other games I have played against my will here. Rogue … Continue reading

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Riff Raff on Representation in His Work

1:17 into the video Riff Raff says this: Maybe he got spiritual after he heard my songs. I mean my music ain’t just like music (mumbles) there’s a lot to it. If you picture it and you write out the … Continue reading

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Parikka on Complicity With Anonymous Media

The archaeological method of  Negarestani’s Cyclonopedia represents a theory-fiction alternative for media archaeology too. What if we employ the same hallucinatory, inspiring way of investigating the subterranean, the secret, the ground that is not defined by stability but dynamic flux of sediments … Continue reading

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On Loss of First Person Control

This is just a quick thing because I’m not sure what I really have to to say about this. I’ve been playing Mirror’s Edge in very small chunks recently. I’m generally a marathon player–I will take a Saturday and power … Continue reading

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Released: Slavoj Žižek Makes A Twine Game

If you care about nothing else, I have a new game. You can play it here. Ian Bogost once made a tweet that looked like this: I would like to commission someone to make a Twine game called "Žižek Makes … Continue reading

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Olof Dreijer on Ally Responsibility

We’ve been talking about the importance of making your privileges transparent in order to be able to say something political. It’s something I learned from reading about intersectionality, which is a way to analyze power by looking at its different … Continue reading

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Preliminary Thoughts on The Knife of Dunwall

I’ve played through roughly half of the first “stage” or “chapter” or “section” or whatever the hell it is called in the new DLC for Dishonored called “The Knife of Dunwall“. My main interest in this DLC stems from the fact that it … Continue reading

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Thacker on Life

This third kind of life, the”nameless thing” so often described by Lovecraft, is a paradigm for the concept of life today. The concept of life encompasses so much, from the most reductive biological viewpoint to the most open-ended ethical or … Continue reading

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A Video Game Playing Itself

So Tom 7 did some stuff and created, essentially, a control algorithm that allows a game to play itself. FYI at the end of the day this is a research blog so mostly this is for personal archiving.

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