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Zoya Street on Virtual Pets

In contrast, a virtual pet such as a tamagotchi requires emotional labour of a sort. The skill required has nothing to do with your physical ability to manipulate the keys of the device, but rather is concerned with your ability … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Farting Mudokon

I have a lot of love in my heart for the Oddworld universe, and a lot of love in particular with Abe. After all, he was the chosen one who freed the scrabs and the paramites and, finally, the mudokons while running … Continue reading

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Rosi Braidotti on the future

TVWhat makes the project of the nomadic programmatic, or utopian? Rosi Braidotti: Let’s call it programmatic; maybe that’s a better term than utopian here. I call to actively embrace this ethic of affirmation. We need to borrow the energy from … Continue reading

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Released: Laika

For some reason I believed that I had made a post about this already, but apparently I haven’t. A few weeks ago, deep in the development of Way Too Scary Game, I took an afternoon to make a Laika.  It comes … Continue reading

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On Why I Will Never Play The Castle Doctrine

RPS: You should never hold a press event at your house. I don’t think many people would want to come. Jason Rohrer: [Laughing] You guys are in England, you don’t understand what it’s like here in America. [from this interview] … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition Pt. 3

Do I have a chicken yet? Only watching the video will reveal the truth. The Flower Festival happens in this video and the priest refuses to dance with me. I also talk about Marx’s analysis of the working day.

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition – Part 1

So I recorded my first Let’s Play today. A little while ago I asked if Harvest Moon was vegan on twitter in a sort of half-serious way. Line Hollis said that it might be, so I thought that the only thing I … Continue reading

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