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Zoya Street on Virtual Pets

In contrast, a virtual pet such as a tamagotchi requires emotional labour of a sort. The skill required has nothing to do with your physical ability to manipulate the keys of the device, but rather is concerned with your ability … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Farting Mudokon

I have a lot of love in my heart for the Oddworld universe, and a lot of love in particular with Abe. After all, he was the chosen one who freed the scrabs and the paramites and, finally, the mudokons while running … Continue reading

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Rosi Braidotti on the future

TVWhat makes the project of the nomadic programmatic, or utopian? Rosi Braidotti: Let’s call it programmatic; maybe that’s a better term than utopian here. I call to actively embrace this ethic of affirmation. We need to borrow the energy from … Continue reading

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Released: Laika

For some reason I believed that I had made a post about this already, but apparently I haven’t. A few weeks ago, deep in the development of Way Too Scary Game, I took an afternoon to make a Laika.  It comes … Continue reading

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On Why I Will Never Play The Castle Doctrine

RPS: You should never hold a press event at your house. I don’t think many people would want to come. Jason Rohrer: [Laughing] You guys are in England, you don’t understand what it’s like here in America. [from this interview] … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition Pt. 3

Do I have a chicken yet? Only watching the video will reveal the truth. The Flower Festival happens in this video and the priest refuses to dance with me. I also talk about Marx’s analysis of the working day.

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition – Part 1

So I recorded my first Let’s Play today. A little while ago I asked if Harvest Moon was vegan on twitter in a sort of half-serious way. Line Hollis said that it might be, so I thought that the only thing I … Continue reading

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Sunaura Taylor on Disability and Animals

Is there another way? What would a reframing of dependency look like to animals oppressed by humans? Viewing the dependence of farm animals through a disability studies framework gives new answers to the questions surrounding animal exploitation and may also open up a third … Continue reading

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Preliminary Thoughts on The Knife of Dunwall

I’ve played through roughly half of the first “stage” or “chapter” or “section” or whatever the hell it is called in the new DLC for Dishonored called “The Knife of Dunwall“. My main interest in this DLC stems from the fact that it … Continue reading

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Nonhuman Life: Quentin Meillassoux’s After Finitude

This post is part of a series of posts that I am writing in conjunction with an independent study I am taking that is based around the concept of nonhuman life. You can read more about it here. Up front: After … Continue reading

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