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On Chainmail Bikini

Chainmail Bikini is a collection of short comics written by women around the topic of videogames. That sentence, on face, doesn’t seem very radical, and when I backed CB on kickstarter, I didn’t take it as some kind of radical political project. … Continue reading

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Until Dawn Review at Paste

“You make choices and the choices matter” has been the bugbear phrase of videogames for twenty years. Giving players narrative options that actually pan out into their own unique scenarios has been promised by many games, and when it has … Continue reading

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We Played Fuse (conclusion)

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Warren Ellis at Haunted Machines

This is a talk of Warren Ellis playing his history is the future in the past tune, and it’s one that I like a whole hell of a lot. However you feel about his writing in comics and otherwise, I … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Cards in Magic Origins

I wrote about the most interesting cards in Magic Origins for Paste. Like the Archangel of Tithes: This is an angel who flies around and generally makes your life more difficult. That’s the general tone of angels in Magic, so … Continue reading

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We Played Fuse For A While (part 1!)

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On Summer Camp’s “Bad Love”

1. I watched the video for “Bad Love” fifteen times in a row. Full immersion. I got down into it, watched all of the sections, figured out how the framing works. I could go full SEK here and map out … Continue reading

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