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Call of Duty: Ghosts – A Hill

In Call of Duty: Ghosts there is a multiplayer map called Prison Break, and I guess that there’s some reason that it is called that, though I can’t tell you what it might be. The top-down view doesn’t do the map justice, … Continue reading

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McKenzie Wark on the Ludic Century

The twenty-first century – the ludic century – is animated in part by just that fantasy: that the feedback loop can be closed, and action can be modified in realtime depending on data about its immediate effects. Of course in … Continue reading

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The Fake Gamer t-shirt

  There’s been an outbreak of a syndrome–fake gamers multiply by the day. They’ve never played A Link To The Past. They can’t hadouken. They don’t know what grue is; they don’t know to be afraid.  I’ve made a shirt to … Continue reading

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Marcom in A Brief History of Yes

So now it is Maria’s turn to laugh. She laughs. And the girl opens her mouth and all of the laughing animals and not-animals run out of her mouth and into the air–which butterflies and sandhill cranes which hillside songbird … Continue reading

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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Death as a Language

In Call of Duty: Ghosts there is a map called “Whiteout” and within that map I often wander. I roam the map in solitude because despite always coming to this map in order to play team-based activities, I never manage to play … Continue reading

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Terry Kennedy on his Baker 3 Part

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Samantha Allen on the Transgender Day of Remembrance

On November 20th, we cannot mourn the past without interrogating our present. It’s easy to grieve the dead; it’s harder to come to terms with our complicity in their oppression, with the parts of ourselves that would still regard a … Continue reading

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Kanye via Isaac

I’m writing on Kanye and the videogame aesthetic right now. Sample:

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a quibble in being

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