A Collection of Criticism About Gone Home

So Gone Home is 400% more interesting to me than Bioshock Infinite, but I did that collection of criticism about Infinite a while back, so here we are again. I’ll be updating this every time I read something that I think is interesting about the game, so feel free to tweet me links to whatever is good. Note that I am totally cool with any form of criticism–what I’m starting with is written, but video and podcast stuff (especially because those media are off my radar to some extent) are welcome.

This is just a list of things that I’ve read about the game that made me nod my head. I’m not contextualizing each piece–this is just a list I’m curating of things that I think were worth my time.

So, without more prefacing, some criticism.


1. merritt kopas – “on gone home

2. Ben Abraham – “Jump Scares and Ludonarrative Harmony

3. Nick Shere – “Gone Home: “Finally, a story about an upper-middle-class white family with angst!”

4. Nick Horowitz – “Gone Home: Picking Up the Pieces

5. Anna Anthropy – “gone home

6. Brendan Keogh – “Notes on Gone Home

7. Sophia Foster-Dimino – “Here Are Some Disorganized Thoughts About The Game Gone Home

8. Imran Khan – “Relating to Gone Home

9. Austin Walker – “The Transgression: You Can Do Better

10. Correlated Contents – “Gone Home: Dramatic Irony and Other Stuff

11. Leigh Alexander interviewing Steve Gaynor – “How Gone Home‘s design constraints lead to a powerful story

12. Mattie Brice – “Ghosts

13. Mark Stevens – “Gone Home: 72 Hours Later

14. Grant Howitt – “Gone Home: Your Mother’s Bookmark

15. Cameron Kunzelman (hey there) – “On Gone Home

16. Kim Delicious – “You Can’t Always Go Home

17. Maddy Myers – “Growing Up Riot Grrl: The Nostalgia Lie of Gone Home

18. Ashton Raze – “23 Reasons Why Gone Home is the Most Important Game You’ll Ever Play

19. Naomi Clark – “Not Gonna Happen

20. Todd Harper – “Went Home

21. Patrick Lindsey – “On time and space in Gone Home

22. Nich Maragos – “Gone Home: Coming to See the Light

23. Matt Burns – “Creative Restriction and the New Realism

24. Robert Yang – “Gone Home and the Mansion Genre

25. Joel Jordon – “Gone Home: Forms of Subversive Creation

26. Colleen Morgan – “Gone Home: Materiality & the Enchantment of the Mundane

27. Justin Keverne – “An empty house through a looking glass

28. Zoe Quinn – “I’m dying my hair today because of a video game.

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