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On Chloe Howl – “Rumour”

1. “Rumour” is predicated on Chlöe Howl’s gaze returning back to us. I don’t mean this in a familiar register — this isn’t warmed over Laura Mulvey with a reflective moment stapled on. There might be fertile fields here to understand … Continue reading

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On Pancho and Lefty

I think I discovered “Pancho and Lefty” when I was twelve or thirteen. It was the Willie and Merle version, the pop transformation of the lilting, crooked ramble that Townes Van Zandt pulled from nowhere. I’m certain that my dad was … Continue reading

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On Depeche Mode’s “Shake the Disease”

The irony that I can’t shake “Shake the Disease” is not lost on me. I listen to music in little ritournelles, a French-y word for saying that I get stuck in audio ruts as a mode of habit. I listen … Continue reading

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John Carpenter’s Lost Themes

Go here to listen to John Carpenter’s new album Lost Themes. I’m buried up to my neck in work right now but good ole John Carpenter is keeping me solid.

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Released: “unlike molecules” EP

Over the past couple of months I have been fiddling with a MIDI keyboard and long, sustained, Richard Skelton-esque noises. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve made five listenable tracks if you’re into ambient music that hints at something stranger than … Continue reading

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