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L. Rhodes on Gone Home

If, then, you are receptive to it, the videogames’ interactions do more than just lead you through a linear series of events that might have been communicated as effectively (if not more so) as a prose novella. Similar to the … Continue reading

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Five Out of Ten on Patreon

A quick promotional moment: Five Out of Ten has recently made a shift to Patreon and if you like games criticism you should pass the publication a few bucks a month. I’ve had the opportunity to write some really exciting stuff over … Continue reading

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de Certeau on Writing and Death

To write (this book), then, is to be forced to march through enemy territory, in the very area where loss prevails, beyond the protected domain that had been delimited by the act of localizing death elsewhere. It is to produce … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Videogame

Today I am at The Midwestern Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference giving a talk. I’m posting it and the slides that accompany it up here on the blog for all to see! When I have time, I am going to make this … Continue reading

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Support Dames Making Games and Their Trip to GDC!

This is a weird moment where I take time out of my extensive Weird Stuff [TM] blogging and relentless self promotion in order to promote a super deserving organization. Dames Making Games, a Toronto-based group that supports and promotes games … Continue reading

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“Be More Human”

I saw one of these ads recently. They’re the be-all-end-all of the neoliberal bootstrap logic. You are not a person; you’re a human, and you would be functionally identical to all other humans if you worked out more. If you … Continue reading

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Fists Are Now Guns: On John Wick

A few days ago I watched John Wick, and I will be completely honest: I haven’t recovered. Somehow the tropiest, most uncreative film (the villain not only kicks the dog, he kills it [traumatically]) managed to rope me in and keep … Continue reading

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Violet Forest’s “VHS Girls”

I don’t have any context for this piece, but it’s haunting nonetheless; a purposeful fragmentation in a medium that always felt fragmented when you used it. The linearity and the usage of the video camera meant that a full tape … Continue reading

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Bundled, Buried and Behind Closed Doors

I really enjoy this video both for what it is and as a teaching tool. There’s a weird oscillation in new media studies where some people are stuck in the 1990s and treat the internet as some kind of immaterial, … Continue reading

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is an Allegory for the Internet

You can watch that video to see Stone Cold Steve Austin yelling “what?!” in the face of basically everyone he ever came into contact with in a professional wrestling setting. That was his trademark, at least as much as I … Continue reading

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