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Current Times 25

In case you don’t know, Current Times is my running thing where I post links to cool things. It crops up when I am feeling sick, or more often, lazy. In this case it is the former, so here are … Continue reading

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Video Games and Parochialism

John H. Stevens has an article over at SF Signal titled “De-Parochializing SF Criticism: Is It Really Necessary? Or Even Possible?” The article is part of a larger column that he does weekly (?) about science fiction/fantasy and how those … Continue reading

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What Will We Simulate Next?

Epic is licensing the Unreal 3 engine to the government. Read the press release here. On face, this all looks like great stuff. A number of games that are being developed are designed around simulation that prepares specialists for difficult … Continue reading

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A Thing We Do With Video Games

I read Ian Bogost’s How To Do Things With Video Games on a plane last weekend. I think it is a really smart book that acts as a really great introduction to video game studies, and more particularly, I think … Continue reading

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Bad Monday

I flew back from Seattle last night and got in around 10pm. I had to be up and around at 6am, ready to do BIG STUFF at 8, and I have a big-deal meeting at 10. I don’t have time … Continue reading

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To Be Shepard

This is one of those posts where I don’t make proscriptions about or critique a game. This is all about my experience with Mass Effect 3. There are spoilers about the game. *** Mordin died singing. That’s what has stuck with … Continue reading

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More Thoughts About Video Game Pacifism

Back when that guy was playing Skyrim as a pacifist monk, I wrote about it. In fact, I had lots of things to say, and the conclusion that I came to was this: In any case, I don’t think that video game pacifism … Continue reading

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