Riff Raff Talks About His Tattoos

This interview is gold all the way through, but what is below is the first minute and a half or so of the interview.

DJ Whoo: You really have a Worldstar Hiphop, um, tattoo on your shoulder?

Riff Raff shows the tattoo.

DJW: Oh shit!

RIFF RAFF: They show me big love over there, I gotta, you know…it’s monumental.

DJW: And you got the BET joint, the BET logo too?

RIFF: BET, MTV, it’s monumental.

DJW: Riff Raff is the man, yo!

RIFF: It’s a marking in time.

DJW: At least you don’t have a butterfly like The Game, you know what I’m sayin’–

RIFF: I can’t get a butterfly ’cause I never had nothing to do with no butterfly situation so I can’t put no butterfly stamp on me ’cause that never had nothing to do with my monumental-ness.

DJW: It’s gangsta, though, I’m about to get a butterfly on my arm.

RIFF: You could get a butterfly, I mean, that could be a form of a tattoo for a transformation, like doin’ from a caterpillar–

DJW: Yeah!

RIFF: So maybe he meant that, so it’s all good.

DJW: That’s exactly what it is, you know, formin’ into something, into this nigga!



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