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Music Time 5

No comment today. Just good music.

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On Awkwardness

I finished Adam Kotsko’s Awkwardness yesterday. I think that it was good, if slim, and the content works for what Kotsko is doing–laying out the nature of awkwardness, how we experience it, and ways to combat (or rather, embrace) it. … Continue reading

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A Short Review of “The King of Limbs”

I’ve been listening to Radiohead’s new album on repeat the past couple days. I think that it’s beautiful, and probably the first album of theirs that I have really enjoyed since Amnesiac. There’s a beautiful mix of both “technical”-feeling songs … Continue reading

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The Power of Comics

I don’t read many monthly comics (I don’t have the cash), but this panel from this week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man might force me to go out and buy one. I think this is the power of comics: the ability … Continue reading

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Music Time 4

I like this song, but “sodomy is not just for animals” is a strange line.

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One of the Crowd: The Tea Party and Interruption

The following is a paper/talk that I presented at the 2011 Georgia Communication Association. I didn’t want it to just sit around. —————————————————————– Political speech is characterized by unbroken narratives. These narratives are made up of, and track along, a … Continue reading

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Music Time 3

I am working on On Art 3 as a substantial post, as well as a paper on the Tea Party, so I’m a little busy, but have a music. The Mountain Goats – “Lovecraft in Brooklyn”

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