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Epanalepsis Out Today!

After a very long and weird journey that has destroyed both my mind and my body, I have released Epanalepsis. It is a short narrative game that’s sort of cyberpunky and sort of Literary Brat Pack and generally just a weird … Continue reading

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On Notes From The Casketgirl

Someone, probably Michael Lutz, told me about Notes From The Casketgirl by Sloane a year or more ago and it’s been on my list of things to check out since then. I finally sat down with it, headphones in, and got deep into … Continue reading

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“evocation without the dead weight of explanation”: on Mad Max: Fury Road

The beauty of The Road Warrior is that it is a legend. We’re given the past through the lens of someone who lived it, and the trials and tribulations of Max himself become something akin to the Bibilical suffering of Job or … Continue reading

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Thimbleweed Park and Sketching

Gary Winnick has a new post up on the Thimbleweek Park development blog about quick sketching and visual design for a game. I’ve never thought about quick iteration as something at the forefront of my game development method, but I really have … Continue reading

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Crocotile 3D: A Tilemap Editor In 3D

Just wanted to make a quick post about Crocotile 3D, a program I noticed on Twitter the other day. It seems like a really interesting system for creating 3D spaces out of 2D tilesets. Alex Hanson-White is the developer and … Continue reading

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Martin on the Cinephile as War Machine

There is no essential form or content to cinephilia, but maybe there is something like an essential cinephile process or gesture. Let me put it this way: cinephilia is a war machine; a tactical, cultural war machine. Always a different … Continue reading

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Gaby Cepeda on the Girls Of The Internet Museum

AA: It’s interesting that the GIM evolved from a research project about ephemeral curatorial practice; while GIM has an eternal archive (at least as long as Tumblr exists), many of the works stem from more traditional ephemera. How do you … Continue reading

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Epanalepsis Trailer

I’ve been making a game for the last six months called Epanalepsis. It is a science fictiony game about time and cities and contemporary life and it doesn’t really fit a lot of the traditional boundaries of adventure games. It will … Continue reading

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On Heart of the Swarm

Yesterday I closed out my writing for the end of the semester and decided to attempt to finish up Heart of the Swarm. Heart, or HOTS as it is sometimes known, is the Zerg (read: space bugs) campaign follow-up to the Terran … Continue reading

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