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Darius Talks Operation: Make Stuff

So those of you following Operation: Make Stuff will be delighted to know that Darius has said some words about kickstarter, my begging for money, and his proclivities as a game player. It is basically the most brilliant video that … Continue reading

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Warren Ellis Talks About Jonathan Hickman

Warren Ellis did some interesting analysis of Hickman’s recent comics work. Everything connects, everything reflects something else, and the book develops its own smooth language. Check it out. 

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The Kickstarter Made

So you may know that I created a kickstarter to fund my next game, Funeral, and to make fun of the very concept of kickstarters.  AKA Operation: Make Stuff First off, I want to say thanks to the people who are … Continue reading

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Designing Horror: A Mother’s Inferno

This post is part of the Designing Horror series. Game: A Mother’s Inferno by DADIU First off, I don’t have any screenshots of this game. I use Irfanview to take screenshots, but for some reason it didn’t pick up A Mother’s Inferno as an … Continue reading

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FTL: One Pilot’s Life

Log 1: Today I crossed the airlock into The Kestrel with a holotape full of information. I carry the Federation’s last hope against the partisan Rebellion. I don’t know why I’m starting this logbook–it isn’t to brag. It isn’t to … Continue reading

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The Comics Industry Is Evil

I honestly don’t understand what is so bloody hard about this. The Big Two, Marvel and DC for the uninitiated, have a long history of fucking over their creative talent. The business model has been an incredibly brutal form of … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Worst Design Moment in Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret have to save Aeris from Shinra. To do so, they have to make their way from the lower level of two-tiered Midgar to the top of “the plate.” The plate hangs over the lower … Continue reading

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