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Books I Read in 2012

This is the total list of everything that I read in full for the year of 2012. I feel like it is important for me to say that–I read outside of this list, sometimes extensively, but what makes the list … Continue reading

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On Losing a Game of Civilization V

Yesterday I marathon’d a day-long game of Civilization V while getting over some kind of full-body funk. Not a good P-Funkadelic-funk, but a disease trying to colonize my body and turn me into a meatpuppet for nefarious means-funk. So I sat and … Continue reading

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On Players and Designers

Ben Abraham made a post about the claim game developers often make about “players” and what players want. What Ben comes to, in serious tl;dr fashion, is that “shit is complicated.” It is difficult to represent all possible humans in … Continue reading

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Rinoa and Death

You might know that I have a small piece over at Nightmare Mode about Final Fantasy VIII. It is about a scene later in the game. It is about space. It is about the role of the player in the RPG … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

I don’t have anything for you today. Go forth and holiday.

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Sara Ahmed on bodies and space

So, yes, we can remember that some space are already occupied. They even take the shape of bodies that occupy them. Bodies also take the shape of the spaces they occupy and of the work they do. And yet sometimes … Continue reading

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Sara Ahmed on the making of worlds

Inhabiting a body that is not extended by the skin of the social means the world acquires a new shape and makes new impressions. Becoming a lesbian taught me about the very point of how life gets directed and how … Continue reading

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