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On Digestate: A Food & Eating Themed Anthology

I think that Digestate was the first thing that I kickstarted. As you may know, I think the very idea of kickstarter in the field of videogames is kind of a hole in the ground. It preys on nostalgia and it has … Continue reading

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On Dishonored

Weirdly, I don’t have a lot to say about Dishonored, positive or negative. My initial impressions were profoundly bad, but everything after the second mission or so was so heavily focused around being the most vanilla experience ever that I … Continue reading

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Dishonored is a Game About Standing A Reasonable Distance From Other People

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Designing Horror: Nyctophobia

This post is part of the Designing Horror series. Game: Nyctophobia by Nik Sudan  Nyctophobia is a game where you play the saddest British man on the planet. You are a security guard, working your working day, and goddamn if the power doesn’t go … Continue reading

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XCOM Or, An Old White Man Is Concerned


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You Know What I Hate? Nostalgia

This is the first of (probably) a series of posts where I take the exact opposite position than that of Brendan Keogh in his “You Know What I Love?” articles for In reality, this will probably be the only … Continue reading

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Daniel Maier-Katkin on Eichmann

The judgment of the court in Jerusalem was that Eichmann had “closed his ears to conscience,” but Arendt did not think this was the case; it was not that Eichmann did not hear the call of conscience, but that his … Continue reading

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