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Art Games Talk at Detroit Digital Humanities

This past weekend I gave a talk as part of a panel with Alex Myers and Skot Deeming about art games. My portion of the talk was about the history of French Pantomime and how the “debate” around art games … Continue reading

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Scu on being “that person”

Every feminist, every anti-racist, every queer theorist, every animal scholar, every person who has ever seriously engaged with the vicissitudes of identity and justice are all sick and tired of being that woman. Trust me, I know I am sick … Continue reading

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Twenty Years of Myst

My own birth is close enough to the birth of Myst that we’re basically siblings. I’m the older sibling that played with the younger; Myst is like the second child conceived for the added value of entertaining the already-existing child. So we grew … Continue reading

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The Nintendo Long Count Calendar

I made the Nintendo Long Count Calendar and Patricia has been kind enough to post it over at Kotaku. Here it is, in all of its glory. It took me something like five or six hours to do it all–lots of choices, … Continue reading

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Buy “It’s Just a Game”

So Elizabeth Simins has curated and released a zine called It’s Just a Game featuring some of the best games critics, writers, makers and whatnot out there. She’s just released a PDF of the thing, so there’s no reason not to pick … Continue reading

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Why is Grand Theft Auto V So Conservative?

This post doesn’t have any spoilers that I am aware of. I. I’ve played something like ten hours of Grand Theft Auto V and while I don’t feel like I have a good read on the structure of the game, where it … Continue reading

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Foucault on the Biopolitics of Socialism

One thing at least is certain: Socialism has made no critique of the theme of biopower, which developed at the end of the eighteenth century, and throughout the nineteenth; it has in fact taken it up, developed, reimplanted, and modified … Continue reading

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Two Scenes From a Grand Theft Auto 5 Playthrough

It was midnight. Franklin walked through the Vinewood Hills. He hid and then wandered around gated estates, hopping easily over walls and fences. Houses were large blocks with textures that displayed, clipped, did not look quite right, and behind those … Continue reading

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Bifo on the 1980s

At the threshold of the 1980s, punk had proclaimed the abolition of the future. Humanity no longer had any reason for remaining together. This was the feeling, the premonition. Nevertheless, the politicians, journalists, intellectuals of the time all hastened to … Continue reading

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Mark Gonzales on Not Speaking

MG: I like it and I hate it. I don’t really like the marketing or the business of skateboarding…the sport by itself, I just like skateboarding, it’s fun, it’s a fun thing to do. You don’t like photosessions either? MG: … Continue reading

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