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On Ranciere’s The Future of the Image

So I finished this a few minutes ago. I was, and am, frustrated about it–I wanted it to be much more than it ended up being. Ranciere begins the book with a discussion of the image. This is my first … Continue reading

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My Weekend

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Current Times 10

This is, of course, Current Times, a blog type in which I tell you about good things on the internet that you need to care about. You can click on the little Current Times category in order to see all … Continue reading

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On More and Utopia

This is a paper that I wrote last semester, and I like the content enough to throw it up here. There’s enough going on that it should be worth reading. Undergraduate paper and whatnot ahoy. (Also, I haven’t felt like … Continue reading

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Mieville on Lovecraft

I think Lovecraft is an astonishing visionary writer, and the source of his vision, in many cases, is race hatred. Now what do you do with that? Do you say, “I’m not going to read any of his stuff”? Do … Continue reading

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Music Time 14

This is Burial. Listen to the track. There’s something haunting and  beautiful about it–Warren Ellis says that this album is one of the first examples of hauntology in music (I don’t know about that.)

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Sam Neill, not Sam Neill

Photography became an art by placing its particular techniques in the service of this dual poetics, by making the face of anonymous people speak twice over–as silent witnesses of a condition inscribed directly on their features, their clothes, their life … Continue reading

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