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On Tegan and Sara’s “Heartthrob”

Tegan and Sara have a new album out, their first since sometimes’ Sainthood. It is an album, so there is a single. For the rest of what I am going to write, I need you to listen to the single and watch … Continue reading

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Figure/Ground Interview with Gary Genosko

As you see, I’m bad at giving advice. I can barely recommend readings. Books are toolboxes. They help to solve problems, answer questions, ask the right questions. They can be read in any way you can invent. They can be … Continue reading

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Video Game Critics: Check Out Some History

As some of you may know, I am technically in a film studies program even though I don’t do film work whatsoever. One of the required courses for my degree is an Advanced Film Theory course. In essence, the class … Continue reading

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A Moment of Pause in Just Cause 2

This isn’t something long or thought out–it is just a feeling that I got. Part of this has to do with the draft of an article that Samatha Allen wrote in response to/spurred by/alongside a presentation that I gave at … Continue reading

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Colonization by Mezieres

I am super busy getting ready for a conference so I don’t have time for proper bloggings. Here is a one-page comic called “Colonization” by Jean-Claude Mezieres. I think it is pretty cool.   From Heavy Metal vol.2 #1

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Supplement to my Queer Games Talk At Strange Relations

So this is the supplement to my talk “Machines and Connective Tissue: The Queer Renaissance in Video Games.” Articles/Blog Posts/Words I think it is profoundly important to avoid speaking for, especially when the queer games community is a very prolific … Continue reading

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The Robo-proletariat

In a continuing cycle where Ben Abraham writes something, Daniel Joseph responds, and I comment on what they both wrote, here I am doing it again. Ben wrote a post titled “The End-Game of Labour Automation Meets Social Media” in … Continue reading

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A Charles Vess Art

An untitled Charles Vess drawing/painting/art from Heavy Metal #12

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Nonhuman Life: Announcement and Book List

This semester I will be taking an independent study on the concept of “nonhuman life.” As a part of that, I have decided to make my weekly notes, small essays, or whatever from the class available publicly–thus, for the next … Continue reading

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Mattie, Maddy, and Me

There are two essays that you need to read before reading what I am about to write: Mattie Brice – “Would You Kindly” Maddy Myers – “Why Do I Like Violent Video Games So Much” These essays share a topic–violence … Continue reading

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