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Shaviro’s Redux of The Cinematic Body

It’s rare for academics who work in the realm of critical theory, or poststructuralist theory, or other such things in the humanities, even to polemicize against cognitivism: either because they are naively unaware of its institutional power, or because they … Continue reading

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Steven Shaviro on Lost Highway

That’s why the first half of Lost Highway is so brooding and mysterious. It pushes up against the limits of what can be seen and said. So much is hinted at, and so little is shown. Even the event upon which the … Continue reading

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Interviews with Steven Shaviro and Anthony Paul Smith

So two people I think do great work have had interviews come out in the past little while and I wanted to provide some links. First, Steven Shaviro was interviewed at Figure/Ground (which is the place for rad interviews these days, … Continue reading

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Two New Essays That Are Brilliant

So there are two essays that have come out recently that I think are awesome. I want you to check them out. The first is James Stanescu’s “Toward a Dark Animal Studies: On Vegetarian Vampires, Beautiful Souls, and Becoming-Vegan.” I … Continue reading

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Steven Shaviro on Postmodernity

Our only chance lies in this: to remake ourselves over and over again, frenetically chasing fashion, keeping up with state-of-the-art technology, and always being sure to purchase (or steal) the latest upgrades. Isn’t that the American way? Even the most … Continue reading

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