Riff Raff Talks About Jodi Highroller

This is another transcription from Riff’s interview with DJ Whoo Kid, this time around the 4:00 to 4:30 mark.

NIMA YAMINI: What’s up with this character Jodi Highroller?

RIFF RAFF: It’s not a character, that’s–that’s me.

DJ WHOO KID: It’s like your alter ego? [I don’t think Riff heard him say this.]

RIFF: Okay, what’s your first and last name?

NY: Nima Yamini.

RIFF: Okay…so you’re…a…Nima?

NY: Yeah.

RIFF: And then you’re also? What’s your last name?

NY: Yamini.

RIFF: Yamini! See what I’m saying, so what’s up with this Yamini character you got? See what I’m saying?

DJW: That’s like nigga in Israel, right? Whatever. [he’s commenting on NY’s name]

RIFF: It’s another side–I think everybody–it’s just me.




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