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“gameplay loot” and “story loot”

Earlier today I made a tweet that said “I increasingly want games with a ‘story loot’ versus ‘gameplay loot’ option.” I got some agreement and some comments, and it seems like most people read me as saying that I wanted … Continue reading

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Rocket League Pro Strategies

I made a video showing off some of the best pro strategies in Rocket League. This video was super fun to make and I find it completely hilarious. Maybe you will too! Or maybe you won’t. What you will think is a mystery … Continue reading

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Erik Wolpaw on Valve’s Organization

When you moved to Valve – that must have been a strange day – what did you expect to be doing? I figured I’d be spending most of my time getting fired in a few weeks. Thank God for Portal … Continue reading

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You’ll Never Believe What This Witcher Does

I’ve been making things that I find super funny and putting them on YouTube and this is one of those things.

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On These Are Your Friends

These Are Your Friends is a fifteen second game that gave me more enjoyment than 90% of sandbox open world military shooter fantasy space sims. Dayton McKay made it. You’re a giant, powerful woman who can pick up her friends to … Continue reading

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Ian Williams on Hulk Hogan The Liar

Hogan started his big run as a pure American hero, waving a flag as he kicked the shit out of the Iron Sheik for his first world title. The first thrill of Hulkamania coincided with the giddy height of Reaganism, … Continue reading

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Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Plumber’s Dream

I’m trying to figure out the Super Mario Bros. 3 lore.

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