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From BPRD : The Dead issue 4

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Maureen Ryan on the Writing of Breaking Bad

This week is DiGRA so I’m blog-light, but I’m still reading things. So there is this great piece. “Breaking Bad” is an undoubtedly a great show, but, as is the case with too many television dramas, for while there it … Continue reading

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Sara Ahmed Starts Feminist Killjoys

Awesome scholar Sara Ahmed has started a research blog called feminist killjoys.  She has a brilliant list of qualities to let you know if you could be interested in the blog: Are told you are angry no matter what you say Witness people’s … Continue reading

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Mark Fisher on Nick Land

Land was our Nietzsche – with the same baiting of the so-called progressive tendencies, the same bizarre mixture of the reactionary and the futuristic, and a writing style that updates nineteenth century aphorisms into what Kodwo Eshun called “text at … Continue reading

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I Need You To Be Way Too Scared!

Hello! This is a weird thing, but here I go: So if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve finished 90% of the development of the game that I kickstarted last month, which is now titled Catachresis: A Way Too … Continue reading

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“It’s like Call of Duty”

The Defense Department has a secret state-of-the-art control center in Dubai with an IMAX-size screen at the front of the main room that can project video feed from dozens of drones at once. The Air Force has been directed to maintain capability … Continue reading

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There Is A New Memory Insufficient

As you may know, I’m deep in the development of two things right now, so the blogging is light for a little while. It might help you to know that there is a new issue of Memory Insufficient out. It is a … Continue reading

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A Collection of Criticism About Gone Home

So Gone Home is 400% more interesting to me than Bioshock Infinite, but I did that collection of criticism about Infinite a while back, so here we are again. I’ll be updating this every time I read something that I think is interesting about the … Continue reading

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On Gone Home

I’m going to try to keep this post from being jumble of words and thoughts and feelings that don’t communicate anything at all. I’ll say here, at the top, that all of those feelings are good feelings, the sounds and … Continue reading

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On Jenn Culp’s “Makeup Mondays”

This blog has variously, depending on my mood, been about comics, video games, and my various academic concerns, and most recently that has turned into my writing about art that I’ve cared about on the internet. For a quick recap, … Continue reading

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