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From BPRD : The Dead issue 4

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Maureen Ryan on the Writing of Breaking Bad

This week is DiGRA so I’m blog-light, but I’m still reading things. So there is this great piece. “Breaking Bad” is an undoubtedly a great show, but, as is the case with too many television dramas, for while there it … Continue reading

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Sara Ahmed Starts Feminist Killjoys

Awesome scholar Sara Ahmed has started a research blog called feminist killjoys.  She has a brilliant list of qualities to let you know if you could be interested in the blog: Are told you are angry no matter what you say Witness people’s … Continue reading

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Mark Fisher on Nick Land

Land was our Nietzsche – with the same baiting of the so-called progressive tendencies, the same bizarre mixture of the reactionary and the futuristic, and a writing style that updates nineteenth century aphorisms into what Kodwo Eshun called “text at … Continue reading

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I Need You To Be Way Too Scared!

Hello! This is a weird thing, but here I go: So if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve finished 90% of the development of the game that I kickstarted last month, which is now titled Catachresis: A Way Too … Continue reading

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“It’s like Call of Duty”

The Defense Department has a secret state-of-the-art control center in Dubai with an IMAX-size screen at the front of the main room that can project video feed from dozens of drones at once. The Air Force has been directed to maintain capability … Continue reading

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There Is A New Memory Insufficient

As you may know, I’m deep in the development of two things right now, so the blogging is light for a little while. It might help you to know that there is a new issue of Memory Insufficient out. It is a … Continue reading

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