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May Waver On The Nature of Cybertwee

I feel like we’re referencing a lot of the ideas your cybertwee manifesto covers. Can you tell me a lil bit about that? Definitely. the term cybertwee was coined by Gabriella Hileman, and in the fall of 2014, she, Violet Forest, and … Continue reading

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I Need To Save This Prime Content And This Is The Best Way To Shore Up My Ruins

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A Quick Note On Jupiter Ascending’s Politics

There’s a short response to my previous post on the films of the Wachowskis over at Fuck Yeah Jupiter Ascending, and I just want to take a moment to think about it and be a little more explicit at how … Continue reading

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Val Kilmer as Batman

“Val Kilmer was the most beautiful Batman. The perfect face for that mask. Those lips.” – Stephen Goldblatt, “Batman Forever: The Story Behind The Surprise Hit Nobody Really Wanted“

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Three Readings of Films by The Wachowskis

I. The Matrix Trilogy The Matrix Trilogy presents us with a supposedly linear vision of time that is revealed to be completely static. In the second film, the council member takes Neo beneath the city to show him the machinery that allows … Continue reading

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A Critical Look At Homefront

Today I released the video I’ve been working on on-and-off for the past few weeks. It’s a critical look at Homefront, a game I generally think is much more interesting than most people tend to give it credit for. The video … Continue reading

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Heroes of the Storm SUPERCUT

Last night I posted a “supercut” video of a long stream of Heroes of the Storm that I hosted the other night. It’s a bunch of my friends from my World of Warcraft days and before, and I’ve included our fun wins and our … Continue reading

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