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“Like a sack with an animal trapped inside”: on the quizzle

I just finished Jonathan Fast’s The Secrets of Synchronicity, and while the book on the whole isn’t so great, there’s a section later in the book that has to do with quizzles. “Quizzles? What’s a quizzle?” “It’s a lump of rock,” … Continue reading

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Kilmercast Episode 3 and a New Website!

First thing is that Kilmercast has a new home on its own website! Second this is that we have a new episode on the Val Kilmer cornerstone film Top Gun. This is our best episode yet, and I think we’ve really … Continue reading

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Game Criticism Time Machine: Andrew S on Videogame Demos

In the anticipation of a game that is sometimes years away, arguments will erupt about its quality, often hinging on such damning empirical evidence like screenshots and whether they were faked or not. Massive armies of the overstimulated who have nothing better … Continue reading

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Interview with One More Turn

A few weeks ago I did an interview with Kevin King of One More Turn about my games. He asked really great questions, and it prodded some answers out of me. I’m generally not a person to write artists statements or arguments … Continue reading

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Another Ad For A Game Design School

The first ad for a game design school that appeared as a sponsored ad in my Facebook feed intimated that game design was really just about totally radical controller skins. In this one, game design is mostly about making a woman … Continue reading

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Trying to Read Again: New Copies of Deleuze and Guattari

I’ve had my copies of Anti-Oedipus and A Thousand Plateaus for a long time. They’ve been paged through over and over again. I’ve read through them in high school (understanding nothing), college (understanding a little), and graduate school (understanding a little more). They’re still … Continue reading

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Game Criticism Time Machine: Lyndon Warren on his Digital Dark Age

Game Criticism Time Machine is a weekly series where I find game criticism from more than a year ago, post an excerpt, and encourage you to read the piece. That is the box which contains all of my earliest childhood … Continue reading

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On Assassin’s Creed Part 2: The Game

In the previous piece that I posted about Assassin’s Creed, I wrote about the narrative of the game and how it holds up the rational, liberal subject as the most important kind of subject that can be produced by a system … Continue reading

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Kilmercast Episode 2 Released

As you may know, my friend Laurel and I have created a podcast called Kilmercast where we are watching the films of Val Kilmer and talking about them in podcast form. For the first episode we watched geek classic Real Genius, … Continue reading

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On the Incredulity of Call of Duty

Quickly: Currently I’m working on my thesis and I’m stuck at home variously because of inclement weather and so I’ve been putting quite a few hours into Call of Duty Ghosts in order to both clear my head and avoid work. I … Continue reading

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