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I was on Gamechurch talking about games and religion

Just a quick post that I forgot to make a while back: I was on the Gamechurch podcast a while back and I think that it is a pretty good talk overall. We chat about the south and what it … Continue reading

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Khalil Islam on paramilitary procedures

Manning Marable: All right. Talk about that. What does that mean to be military? Khalil Islam: Paramilitary procedures, that’s what we were using at that time, which was a very poor structure. Paramilitary procedure gives the D.A. the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Interview with One More Turn

A few weeks ago I did an interview with Kevin King of One More Turn about my games. He asked really great questions, and it prodded some answers out of me. I’m generally not a person to write artists statements or arguments … Continue reading

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Corey Mead Interviewed at WARN

Chauncey Devega put this on my radar literally months ago (October, according to the post date), but I’ve been powerfully busy in the time in-between. I’ve actually had it open in a tab since then, which is a minor internet … Continue reading

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Interview with Me on First Person Scholar

I was interviewed for First Person Scholar last month and it went up today. A taste: FPS: So we’ve actually had this conversation quite a bit lately among the FPS editorial staff about what makes good satire in a game. But I’m guessing you … Continue reading

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Sway Talks About Riff Raff

If you’re up on your Critical Riff Raff Studies, you know that there is a now-infamous interview where a Hot 97 producer took Riff to task about embodying hip hop stereotypes as a white man. I wrote a bit about … Continue reading

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Riff Raff Talks About His Tattoos

This interview is gold all the way through, but what is below is the first minute and a half or so of the interview. DJ Whoo: You really have a Worldstar Hiphop, um, tattoo on your shoulder? Riff Raff shows … Continue reading

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