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On Little Big Planet 2

There are not very many things that get me on this blog anymore, but Little Big Planet 2 has set off some kind of crazy thoughtengine in my brain, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I am about to … Continue reading

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Music Time 2

My life is pretty much a method to see Clutch live–that’s its only purpose. This is “50,000 Unstoppable Watts,” a track off their newest album. Give it a listen.

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Music Time 1

Things get spotty here when I get lazy or busy. This is a new series here at This Cage is Worms called “Music Time,” which is going to be a companion to the incredibly unpopular (judging by hits alone) Quote … Continue reading

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Stonecutters and Stone

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On Minecraft

(click images to make them screen-sized, forgive my toolbar) I am smitten with Minecraft. I can’t stop playing it. I am addicted in a way that feels good—like people are “addicted” to watching sports. You just want to do it, … Continue reading

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The House on the Rock

I kept going on and on about writing an essay about The House on the Rock and I even wrote quite a bit out longhand, but sometimes words are just useless. As always, click through for larger. Kelly took this … Continue reading

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