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David Lynch on Criticism

MC: I remember when I first saw `Fire Walk With Me’, at the Cannes film festival, there were loud boos – how does the apparent failure of a film like this affect you? DL: `Dune’ was a failure to me, because I … Continue reading

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Steven Shaviro on Lost Highway

That’s why the first half of Lost Highway is so brooding and mysterious. It pushes up against the limits of what can be seen and said. So much is hinted at, and so little is shown. Even the event upon which the … Continue reading

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S1:E1 of Twin Peaks

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On Kentucky Route Zero, Act 1

Warning: some vague spoilers about Kentucky Route Zero. This isn’t going to be long. I’m not going to address the comparisons to The Walking Dead that everyone is making (which I don’t understand at all). If you care about the conversation that has … Continue reading

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