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the vampire squid of the Collaborative Commons

And yet, on reflection, Rifkin’s examples turn out to be anything but collaborative at their heart. Companies such as Uber and Airbnb are fiercely profit-driven, taking large cuts from all the exchanges they facilitate. They are middlemen themselves, albeit somewhat … Continue reading

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John Carpenter’s Lost Themes

Go here to listen to John Carpenter’s new album Lost Themes. I’m buried up to my neck in work right now but good ole John Carpenter is keeping me solid.

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Horkheimer and Adorno on Culture and Advertising

Culture is a paradoxical commodity. It is so completely subject to the law of exchange that it is no longer exchanged; it is so blindly equated with use that it can no longer be used. For this reason it merges … Continue reading

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On the Papoola

In Philip K. Dick’s The Simulacra, there’s a tiny, ill-defined creature named the papoola. We never see a real papoola in the novel, but instead several characters interact with a robotic replica of the papoola (shades of Do Androids Dream of Electric … Continue reading

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On The Cybertwee Manifesto

“we are fragmented and multifaceted bbs” The Cybertwee Manifesto is a fascinating document. Infinitely more tolerable than every other manifesto you’re attempted to read, it is a call for an understanding of the body as an emotional machine without reducing either … Continue reading

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Video: Metal Slug


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On Video Games, Content, and Expression

  Frank Lantz recently wrote a post at Gamasutra about formalism. It is fundamentally about the stakes of formalism, what self-described formalists do and do not do, and how he sees the current world of video games. The much-quoted paragraph … Continue reading

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On Cursor*10

There’s something about time travel and paving a way for yourself that’s incredibly intriguing. There’s this idea that time travel could, maybe, allow you to go back in time and make your life better in some measurable way. Alternately, you’ve … Continue reading

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Michael Mann on Technology

You’re always pushing forward with digital technology and use of cameras.  Is there a camera or bit of digital technology for filmmaking that’s right on the cusp of coming that maybe you’ve seen or are excited to use?  Or was … Continue reading

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Now You’re John Hammond: Accelerationism and The Lost World

1. John Hammond in The Lost World: Jurassic Park: Now, after the accident in the Park, Hurricane Clarisse wiped out our facility on Site B. Call is a “act of God”. But; we had to evacuate of course, and the animals … Continue reading

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