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Radiation, Animals, Media

Ron Broglio has a short article up at The Atlantic that does a little bit of delving into the animals who live in and around highly radioactive sites like Chernobyl. There’s something really interesting going on with the example of the radioactive … Continue reading

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Hauntology and Extinction: The Case of Some Weird Bugs

NPR posted a story a little while back about these giant insects that went extinct except for a few surviving members that lived under a bush on a giant rock outcropping in the ocean. It sounds like something out of … Continue reading

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Sunaura Taylor on disability and animals

Disability is everywhere in animal agriculture, and especially factory farms. The animals people eat are largely manufactured to be disabled. Animals are bred to have too much muscle for their bodies to hold, cows and chickens develop broken bones and … Continue reading

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Three Animals At Play

Most biologists have assumed that play has indeed had some constructive purpose in species and individual evolution, and their advocacy is itself a much grander conceptualization than any modern attempts to rationalize human play simply as growth or socialization. The … Continue reading

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Trouble in the Neighborhood

This morning I did what I do on Mondays and walked over to a local coffee shop that is almost always filled with white men in their fifties complaining to other white men in their fifties about things that will … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition Pt. 3

Do I have a chicken yet? Only watching the video will reveal the truth. The Flower Festival happens in this video and the priest refuses to dance with me. I also talk about Marx’s analysis of the working day.

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition – Part 2

This is the second part of my Harvest Moon video series where I try to be an ethical farming child. Not much happens in this episode: I get enthused about fishing before I think about the fact that fishing is totally fucked … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition – Part 1

So I recorded my first Let’s Play today. A little while ago I asked if Harvest Moon was vegan on twitter in a sort of half-serious way. Line Hollis said that it might be, so I thought that the only thing I … Continue reading

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Sunaura Taylor on Disability and Animals

Is there another way? What would a reframing of dependency look like to animals oppressed by humans? Viewing the dependence of farm animals through a disability studies framework gives new answers to the questions surrounding animal exploitation and may also open up a third … Continue reading

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Preliminary Thoughts on The Knife of Dunwall

I’ve played through roughly half of the first “stage” or “chapter” or “section” or whatever the hell it is called in the new DLC for Dishonored called “The Knife of Dunwall“. My main interest in this DLC stems from the fact that it … Continue reading

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