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Playing the Canon on Dragon Quest

or Dragon Warrior as I knew it when I played the game as a wee child in the mid-1990s. If you aren’t aware of Playing the Canon, it is a blog where Joel Newman is playing through the “canon” of video games. If … Continue reading

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A Cups Podcast

HEY I have had a long day so this is short. Angela Washko and Ann Hirsch have a new podcast called A Cups where they talk about their own art and the art of guests. I listened to the first two episodes … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition – Part 2

This is the second part of my Harvest Moon video series where I try to be an ethical farming child. Not much happens in this episode: I get enthused about fishing before I think about the fact that fishing is totally fucked … Continue reading

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Suspicion Under Everything: Riff Raff Meets Boris Groys

A little information before we get to the proper bit of this post: Groys is doing phenomenology so everything emanates from the necessity of a subject/observer in the following. I’m still not sure where I sit with phenomenology on the … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition – Part 1

So I recorded my first Let’s Play today. A little while ago I asked if Harvest Moon was vegan on twitter in a sort of half-serious way. Line Hollis said that it might be, so I thought that the only thing I … Continue reading

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Sunaura Taylor on Disability and Animals

Is there another way? What would a reframing of dependency look like to animals oppressed by humans? Viewing the dependence of farm animals through a disability studies framework gives new answers to the questions surrounding animal exploitation and may also open up a third … Continue reading

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Responding to Sparky Clarkson Responding to Remember Me

A couple days ago Sparky Clarkson posted this great analysis of Remember Me that immediately generated an emphatic “nuh uh!” like I was some super whiny 90s baby with a huge chip on my shoulder about video games and my oh-so-precious … Continue reading

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