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On Dark Souls and Easy Modes

I. One time I was hanging out with a friend while she was streaming Dark Souls. She was in Sen’s Fortress, and there were these weird boulders rolling around the level. When she got outside, there was a giant standing there … Continue reading

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Radiation, Animals, Media

Ron Broglio has a short article up at The Atlantic that does a little bit of delving into the animals who live in and around highly radioactive sites like Chernobyl. There’s something really interesting going on with the example of the radioactive … Continue reading

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Ben Woodard on Firewatch

Thus, if a game like Bioshock exhibited the tension between free will and control in the canned choices of games as such, Firewatch could be viewed as attempting an affective or emotional version of this, between hiding in the present … Continue reading

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Justin Erik Halldór Smith on the Badiou Studies Hoax

I would normally excerpt something here so that you could get a sense of what’s happening in the piece, but Smith’s short essay is really well put together and I had a hard time choosing a paragraph that made sense … Continue reading

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Games Reviewed In Arts ATL

My games were recently featured in a show called “More Light” at the Eyedrum Gallery in Atlanta, and Dan Weiskopf wrote up a review of that show. He has nice things about the games overall, and I’m glad that they … Continue reading

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Robert Macfarlane on Anthropocene Affects

Where the pain of nostalgia arises from moving away, the pain of solastalgia arises from staying put. Where the pain of nostalgia can be mitigated by return, the pain of solastalgia tends to be irreversible. Solastalgia is not a malady … Continue reading

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The Division and Kicking the Narrative Can

There are spoilers for The Division in this post.  I recently completed the story missions for The Division. I had enjoyed the game for what it was, ripped from libertarian pages of a 1990s Tom Clancy thriller, and despite an immense amount … Continue reading

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Emily Short’s Bibliography of Interactive Fiction

Emily Short has put together an amazing bibliography around interactive fiction. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to speak to the broad world of IF, and working through this completely would take me a very long time. It’s an … Continue reading

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