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Games of the Year 2013 – Part 2

The first half of this list is here. I liked a lot of games that came out in 2013. Once again, these are in no particular order! Depression Quest I still stand by what I wrote about Depression Quest when it came … Continue reading

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Games of the Year 2013 – Part 1

These are my games of 2013. They are in no particular order. There will be something like 20 of them, and so this first post has ten and the next post will have another ten. That’s all you need to … Continue reading

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The Double Meaning of Genetic Codes

Since the genetic code was deciphered in the 1960s, scientists have assumed that it was used exclusively to write information about proteins. UW scientists were stunned to discover that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages. One … Continue reading

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I Made a Breaking Bad Game!

There will be more on this at some later point, but I’m just making this post really quickly to say that I made a game about Breaking Bad for The AV Club’s Play the Year event for 2013. Making the game was … Continue reading

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Alan Williamson on NiGHTS Into Dreams

NiGHTS is almost impenetrable at first. You enter each dream as a child and walk around for all of five seconds before NiGHTS blasts out of its prison like a fizzing magenta firework. With the Saturn’s dinner plate-sized 3D controller … Continue reading

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Three Animals At Play

Most biologists have assumed that play has indeed had some constructive purpose in species and individual evolution, and their advocacy is itself a much grander conceptualization than any modern attempts to rationalize human play simply as growth or socialization. The … Continue reading

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The Year of the Games 2013

Spark Clarkson does a thing every year where he asks a number of games critics to pick a game of the year and then write a little about it. I was lucky enough to be invited last year and now this … Continue reading

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