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Dear Esther: A Photo Essay

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Dear Esther is linear. It speaks like a 19th century novel. It is full of pain and loss. As the narrator say, “the infection is not simply of the flesh.” The island stands alone–“the revolution and the permanence” of a play … Continue reading

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On Dear Esther (3)

Previous posts on Dear Esther are here and here. I keep coming back to Dear Esther. After Gameloop, and the discussion of art games that I had a few times there, Esther kept coming back to my mind. So I played it again. Much … Continue reading

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John D. Peters on Communication

The real work of communication thus occurs largely on a non-material plane, wherever mutual partaking of intentions and thoughts opens up. Each sign is a seance in miniature, as it were, calling forth a spiritual being: “When I perceive a … Continue reading

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Philip K. Dick and the Living Image

This post isn’t going to be nearly as dramatic as the title would have you believe, but I do have some things to say about Philip K. Dick and the essay titled “What Do Pictures Want?” from W.J.T. Mitchell’s book … Continue reading

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David Mitchell on Films

. . . the vacant disneyarium was a haunting frame for those lost, rainy landscapes. Giants strode the screen, lit by sunlite captured through a lens when your grandfather’s grandfather, Archivist, was kicking in his natural womb. Time is the … Continue reading

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The Creation of Games

I have returned from Boston unscathed, but scarred, and I don’t have much of anything content-wise to show you today. There will be a longer post later in the week about Gameloop and the experiences that I had over the … Continue reading

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On Robert Yang’s Radiator 2: Handle With Care

You can get all of Robert Yang’s Radiator games here. I finally got around to playing the first two entries into the Radiator series of games made by Robert Yang (and maybe some other people?). The first two, “Polaris” and … Continue reading

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On Experience-Taking

This is a quick bit of writing about “experience-taking,” which is a term created by Lisa Libby and Geoff Kaufman, from Ohio State and Dartmouth, respectively. If you don’t care about what I have to say about it, just read … Continue reading

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Mitu Khandaker Talks About Games

So this happened like two months ago. I missed the initial broadcast and sometime between broadcast and podcasting, I forgot to actually listen to Mitu talk about video games. However, this past weekend I finally sat down to listen. The podcast … Continue reading

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Laure and the Sacred (2)

My first post on Laure and the Sacred can be found here.  The notes for “The Sacred” created by Georges Bataille and Michel Leiris attempt to more clearly define the sacred in Laure’s thought. They write: The representation of “the … Continue reading

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