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Bogost on Prestige Career Switching

Circumstances like Schmidt’s and Poole’s can’t be explained by the popular myth that today’s workers will have seven different careers in their lifetimes thanks to rapid changes in technology and industry. (Schmidt certainly doesn’t have to work ever again if … Continue reading

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On Nightcrawler (2014)

My friend John talked up Nightcrawler to me pretty much nonstop through 2015, so I felt like it was my obligation to eventually make my way to seeing the movie, and I wasn’t disappointed. While he has a pretty specific way of … Continue reading

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Oil Spills In Peru

Read the account here. The logic here is astonishing yet unsurprising: destroy the ecology of a place and then subsidize the correction of that destruction by making agents who live in that ecology take care of the problem. If, in … Continue reading

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On a Gigabyte G1 Commercial

I move objects with my mind. I climb the tallest mountains and slay dragons. I defend my galaxy from ruthless aliens. I am never bored. I am stronger. I am faster. I am G1. The commercial is the ultimate synthetic … Continue reading

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On The Martian

Somewhere around the winter release of the film, Daniel Joseph tweeted this about Interstellar: Intersteller is a three hour long advertisement for the corn industry about an astronaut who loves his daughter. — DanJo.txt (@Daniel_Joseph) November 12, 2014 Daniel has a way … Continue reading

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Lorne Lanning’s Anticapitalism

Lorne Lanning developed the Oddworld games many Mudokon-hand moons ago, and they’ve been running through my head since the first time I played Abe’s Oddysee. That game hasn’t really left me, either, and I can trace a lot of my youth-then-adult feelings about … Continue reading

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Lyotard on the Avant-Garde

Yet there is a kind of collusion between capital and the avant-garde. The force of scepticism and even of destruction that capitalism has brought into play, and that Marx never ceased analyzing and identifying, in some way encourages among artists … Continue reading

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Ticketing After the End of the World

This is just a quick thing. I’ve watched several seasons of the show Parking Wars. The basic conceit of the show is that it follows parking authority officers around during ticketing, booting, and release procedures. Generally it is just about … Continue reading

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Jodi Dean Interviewed at Figure/Ground

As always, Figure/Ground has an exciting interview up, this time with Jodi Dean. My favorite part of the interview: F/G: In 2009, Francis Fukuyama wrote a controversial article for the Washington Post entitled “What are your arguments for or against tenure track?” In … Continue reading

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Bifo on Imagination

We continue to use old forms of action but we will have to begin to imagine new forms that are capable of actually struggling against financial dictatorship. In my opinion, the first task – which we have begun to experience over the … Continue reading

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