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Visual Ontography

The practice of ontography–and it is a practice, not merely a theory–describes the many processes of accounting for the various units that strew themselves throughout the universe. To create an ontograph involves cataloging things, but also drawing attention to the couplings of … Continue reading

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On Super Time Force Ultra

Or, Super Time Bumbling Megido I have completed Super Time Force Ultra and I still don’t understand how the game works. From a design perspective, this is a strange combination of positives and negatives. In the “yay” column, despite my confusion about … Continue reading

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Released: “unlike molecules” EP

Over the past couple of months I have been fiddling with a MIDI keyboard and long, sustained, Richard Skelton-esque noises. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve made five listenable tracks if you’re into ambient music that hints at something stranger than … Continue reading

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Best of This Cage Is Worms 2014

Hello! Thank you so much for reading This Cage Is Worms today and any other day that you so choose. This post is a compilation of (what I think is) the best writing that I’ve done here on this website in 2014. … Continue reading

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I’m LPing Grand Theft Auto III

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog or my Twitter, you know that I’m constantly flirting with making video content. I have the capture card, I have the microphone, and so now I’m committing myself to making a Let’s … Continue reading

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On Carson Wells

A few days ago I watched No Country For Old Men, the Coen brothers’ film based on the excellent Cormac McCarthy novel. I spent the runtime fixated, like always, on the strange game played between Llewelyn Moss and Anton Chigurh: Moss … Continue reading

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Epanalepsis Dev Log #1

As I get closer to releasing Epanalepsis, I am going to be making posts over at the official Epanalepsis blog about what I’m thinking about, how I’m designing the game, etc etc etc. The first is called “Narrative Lessons from Anton Chigurh.”

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#clonejamCMRN starts soon!

James Earl Cox has been running a series of game jams where the goal is to “clone” (in style, tone, etc) the games of independent developers. I feel super lucky and grateful that he has put me on that list … Continue reading

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The Lord of the Rings: Thoughts on Book 1

I’m reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time since I was a child and I’m writing blog posts about the book when I feel like it. Last night I finished the first book of The Lord of the Rings (meaning … Continue reading

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Sunaura Taylor on disability and animals

Disability is everywhere in animal agriculture, and especially factory farms. The animals people eat are largely manufactured to be disabled. Animals are bred to have too much muscle for their bodies to hold, cows and chickens develop broken bones and … Continue reading

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