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A war photographer goes to The Last of Us

By the time I finished this assignment, watching the carnage had became easier. – “A War Photographer Embeds Himself Inside A Video Game“

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Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and deliberate action

A few days ago Cara Ellison wrote a wonderful piece about Tomb Raider and the difference between the earlier and later games in the series. My experience with Tomb Raider as a kid was limited to buying it in a bargain bin and having … Continue reading

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Brian Taylor on Cameras (and The Last of Us)

Audiences know that you can’t make a film without a camera. For a long time, Hollywood-style editing and cinematography developed to minimize the audience’s awareness of the camera. What would have been unacceptable in these films, visual acknowledgement of the … Continue reading

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On Living the Apocalypse in The Last of Us Multiplayer

I don’t think that I have much else to say about The Last of Us proper. People continue to play it and they keep getting pointed to my longish rambling bit about it (thanks to the people who are doing … Continue reading

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On The Last of Us

This post contains spoilers for The Last of Us. 1.  The Last of Us treads the familiar ground of a middle-aged white man making his way through the world. There are no surprises here. 2. I come back to this question all … Continue reading

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