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On Wonder Woman

I had no opinion about Wonder Woman until I read All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. None at all. It is no secret that I’m not a DC kid. I’ve read the major stories from the past few years, some … Continue reading

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On Doin’ The Right Thing

For a while I was going through comic shop $1 bins and buying up anything that looked weird. I don’t really know why I was doing that–it seemed like a good idea. With comics like Adventure floating around in the world, how … Continue reading

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On the New Mass Effect 3 Ending

So it finally happened. The collective supergeek cried out and shattered the shield. Bioware was defenseless. They retreated, started remixing and photoshopping, and now we have a new downloadable set of endings for the Mass Effect franchise. And they aren’t … Continue reading

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On The Raid: Redemption

I’m behind the times. It was only this past Sunday that I was finally able to see The Raid: Redemption. I’ve been following it a long time–Doug Benson reviewed it favorably on one of his podcasts. David Brothers had brilliant things … Continue reading

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On Cinders

I first came upon Cinders via a Rock, Paper, Shotgun mini-article about the game. It is a visual novel created by the team at MoaCube, and for some reason, the little article (which is the same size and shape as a hundred other … Continue reading

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Current Times 27

This is a post of links to interesting things surrounding games and comics across the internet–think of it as a poor individual’s Critical Distance or “The Sunday Papers” over at RPS. Click here to see past “Current Times.” 1. Marcus Iwinski of CD … Continue reading

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On Cloonan’s Wolves

This post contains spoilers for Becky Cloonan’s comic Wolves. I suggest that you go buy the comic and read it here. It is ninety nine cents; being tax-free because of magical internet money, it actually costs less than anything else you could … Continue reading

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