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The Decaying South

So I come home about once every six months. “Home” is in the northern part of Georgia, between Chattanooga and Rome. It’s that dead space that’s riddled with bypasses and completely avoided by the age-old I75 that runs down to … Continue reading

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More Music

I like this cover a whole lot. Listen to the original, too. A grizzly scene on my electron beam Told a story about human rights So all of King’s horses and all of King’s men Had a riot for two … Continue reading

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On Eisner/Miller

Eisner/Miller is the most important book ever written about comic books. It’s probably more important than 95% of the comic books that are being produced, honestly. The book is just an interview, a long one, where Will Eisner and Frank … Continue reading

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On Call of Duty: Black Ops

I just finished playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. Maybe I’m behind the times, but that’s just because I’m a multiplayer guy. In fact, if I had internet at my house right now I probably would never have played the … Continue reading

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Chabon and Me

I wrote the title of this post like it was something that you should be caring about, like Roger and Me or some other kind of activism where I show you things and tell you things with the pictures and … Continue reading

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The End of Proust

The body immures the mind within a fortress; presently on all sides the fortress is beseiged and in the end, inevitably, the mind has to surrender. – Proust, Time Regained p. 512 There’s something bitter about an ending. I’ve had … Continue reading

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One Chance

So I’ve commented on the “are games art?” debate before, and that was more skiddling about the idea of art, but I’ve come upon something today that has lights going off in my head. I just played a game called … Continue reading

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