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Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship

And it is boring and stupid and some shit that everyone figured out twenty years ago. Whatever.

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Sadness Is A Blessing

I normally wouldn’t do this, by Lykke Li’s new video came out today, and I think you should see it. It’s phenomenal.

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Current Times 7

1. Kill Screen’s online portion has a great article about ethics and how we deal with ethics in video games. It confirms some of the suspicions that I’ve had before about the separation of the real and the virtual. A … Continue reading

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The Talking Heads and Kermit

I am very busy right now with preparation for finals, so the work that I am putting into this blog will be going down for a little while. I have something for you, though. It is Kermit singing “Once in … Continue reading

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Music Time 12

It’s weird that she recycles the decaying fox from the video for NIN’s “Hurt.”

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Science and Destabilization

As always, click through for bigger.

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Lovecraft and Wells

So does this sound like Lovecraft to you? I heard cries of terror and their little feet running and stumbling this way and that. I do not remember all that I did as the moon crept up the sky. I … Continue reading

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