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Culture Ramp is Gone

Back in November, I wrote a series called “Press Publish.” While I didn’t trumpet it as such, one intention behind its four parts was to clarify the problems that stand in the way of a more constructive, equitable, and robust … Continue reading

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Josephine Saxton on science fiction

What I would really like is for readers to read my work, not only SF fans, who have, like rubber fetishists and gourmets, Special Tastes, and often cannot enjoy anything outside their label. Let me put in a plea, not … Continue reading

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You Buy It I Write It: The Polynomial

Is there a game you think I should write about? If you buy it for me on Steam, I will write about it. Check out the information here. There was a flurry of activity when I announced that I would … Continue reading

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Interviews with Steven Shaviro and Anthony Paul Smith

So two people I think do great work have had interviews come out in the past little while and I wanted to provide some links. First, Steven Shaviro was interviewed at Figure/Ground (which is the place for rad interviews these days, … Continue reading

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On Anne and Beanie

This is a quick bit to match a quick game. Anne and Beanie is a short adventure-ish game (and by short, I mean the credits sequence might be longer than the game). It was made by a team of people … Continue reading

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Alan, Wake Up

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You Buy It I Write It: Fortix

This is part of my policy of playing anything someone purchases for me. You can read more about that here. Fortix is a game about capturing territory. If you want to split hairs, it is a game that is all … Continue reading

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Return To Skyrim: Dragons, Thieves, Chitin, Magic, and Ugly Hats

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On Depression Quest

Go play Depression Quest and give the devs some money while you are at it. There has been a lot of debate over the what has been called the “Twine revolution” and if the games being produced in the Twine engine are … Continue reading

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Gamescenes Interview With Angela Washko

GameScenes: What is your relationship to World of Warcraft? What does it mean to you, as a female-player? Angela Washko: Well I used to play pretty “hardcore” while I was in college. One of the common responses from male players to my questions about … Continue reading

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