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Music Time 8

I just finished a large article for another blog that should be up one day. Tomorrow you will get a post/paper about Utopia and the animal. Tonight, however, you get more music. This is Mimicking Birds. I like them so, … Continue reading

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Music Time 7

I haven’t had any time to write anything in a while. I have a post brewing about photography. I’m also working on an essay for an online magazine, which I’m sure I’ll talk about at a later date.

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On Black Metal 1

So I am watching this film, Until the Light Takes Us, and it’s phenomenal. The lengthy portions of interview with Varg Vikernes are the highlight for me, even if he himself is not–his explanation for black metal is that it … Continue reading

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Quote Time 15

There is nothing resembling a uniquely American worldview. America is too vast, and ultimately too unknowable, to give birth to one way of seeing things. -John Gray, Al Qaeda and What It Means to Be Modern p.89

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A Short, Realistic Story About This Morning

This morning, around noon, I went to Kroger. I had four things on my list. My list looked like this: 1. Microwaveable food 2. Chips 3. Beer 4. Envelope And maybe it says something about me, but I needed that … Continue reading

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Quote Time 14

The global free market is not the result of competition between different economic systems. Like the free market that was created in England in the mid-nineteenth century, it was established and maintained by political power. Unlike its English precursor, the … Continue reading

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On King, More, and Factory Farms

I just finished Stephen King’s Full Dark, No Stars. It was alright, not the best thing ever, but the first novella, “1922,” is damn near perfect. It hits all the high notes while avoiding most of the low ones. The … Continue reading

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