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“The horror of life itself”: Wes Craven on his films

Christopher Sharrett – “‘Fairy Tales for the Apocalypse’: Wes Craven on the Horror of Film,” 1985.

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Lynn Margulis on the artifice of microbiology

The first thing to remember is that nearly all bacteria are multicellular in nature. when microbiologists put them in the laboratory, they want to grow them rapidly. They put them in pure culture — nature abhors a pure culture — … Continue reading

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Sunaura Taylor on Disability and Animals

Is there another way? What would a reframing of dependency look like to animals oppressed by humans? Viewing the dependence of farm animals through a disability studies framework gives new answers to the questions surrounding animal exploitation and may also open up a third … Continue reading

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Rancière on the Pure Nonsense of Life

The notes disappear in smoke, and the raised fist of the infant – a new kind of messiah different from Bartleby/Deleuze – celebrates, for all science, the hymn of life obstinately pursuing its own nonsense. Literary fiction has embraced the … Continue reading

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Rancière on Life and Politics

The scientific Marxist revolution certainly wanted to put an end to the workers’ reveries, along with utopian programmes. But by opposing them to the effects of real social development, it kept subordinating the end and means of action to the … Continue reading

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Thacker on Life

This third kind of life, the”nameless thing” so often described by Lovecraft, is a paradigm for the concept of life today. The concept of life encompasses so much, from the most reductive biological viewpoint to the most open-ended ethical or … Continue reading

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Nonhuman Life: Announcement and Book List

View this post on Instagram Making weird stuff before bed A post shared by CMRNKNZLMN (@cmrnknzlmn) on Aug 20, 2012 at 7:50pm PDT This semester I will be taking an independent study on the concept of “nonhuman life.” As a … Continue reading

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