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Frantz Fanon on Ontology

As long as the black man remains in his home territory, except for petty internal quarrels, he will not have to experience his being for others. There is in fact a “being for other,” as described by Hegel, but any … Continue reading

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Riff Raff on Representation in His Work

1:17 into the video Riff Raff says this: Maybe he got spiritual after he heard my songs. I mean my music ain’t just like music (mumbles) there’s a lot to it. If you picture it and you write out the … Continue reading

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Philip K. Dick and the Living Image

This post isn’t going to be nearly as dramatic as the title would have you believe, but I do have some things to say about Philip K. Dick and the essay titled “What Do Pictures Want?” from W.J.T. Mitchell’s book … Continue reading

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Looking for a Face

I. What does it mean for a computer to understand my face? What does it mean for it to interpret me; what do I look like to a computer? II. I look at my computer. A black box, but not … Continue reading

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