Riff Raff on Representation in His Work

1:17 into the video Riff Raff says this:

Maybe he got spiritual after he heard my songs. I mean my music ain’t just like music (mumbles) there’s a lot to it. If you picture it and you write out the things I say or you go through my lyrics and you draw a picture for every one of my punchlines you can draw a picture for everything I say. Every other music, rapper, you can’t do that shit. You can’t go to somebody’s shit and just they say something and you can draw a picture. Naw, it’s just like a saying or they might of have something that they done heard somebody else say or somebody else in their camp said. I say shit that’s like motion pictures.

Lyrical portraits. Let’s just go with rap game Picasso.

Once again, Riff Raff asserts the representational flatness of his work. It isn’t about references or depth or cleverness. Riff’s work is about presenting pure representation that is paradoxically re-presenting nothing at all. It is a radical ontological flatness of words.

They sit on the surface of things, signifying nothing.

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  1. Black Steve says:

    Now that you’ve written about RiFF RAFF 3 times, I think he owes you

  2. Black Steve says:

    5 times*

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