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The Social Obligation of Fantasy

We see it less now, but we had almost a solid decade of thinkpieces and academic arguments about the role of fantasy in the post-9/11 American landscape. They all land somewhere around this point: the rise of fantasy media in … Continue reading

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the vampire squid of the Collaborative Commons

And yet, on reflection, Rifkin’s examples turn out to be anything but collaborative at their heart. Companies such as Uber and Airbnb are fiercely profit-driven, taking large cuts from all the exchanges they facilitate. They are middlemen themselves, albeit somewhat … Continue reading

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Michael Mann on Technology

You’re always pushing forward with digital technology and use of cameras.  Is there a camera or bit of digital technology for filmmaking that’s right on the cusp of coming that maybe you’ve seen or are excited to use?  Or was … Continue reading

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On Amazon Echo

A few weeks ago I unboxed my Amazon Echo and learned that I had to say “Alexa” in order to ask it to do things for me. It sits there on my counter, silent, until I say her name and … Continue reading

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“amending the ways of nature”

In expert epistemology, nature was messy. Technology was the great orderer. “The real calamity in a thunderstorm,” explained William Crookes, commenting on natural unharnessed electricity, “is not that the lightning may kill a man or a cow, or set barns … Continue reading

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Nathan Altice on Fashion and Games

I don’t think I need to convince you about the videogame industry’s constant pursuit of more better processors with more better memory in the service of more better graphics which apparently translates to more better realism and somehow more better … Continue reading

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Sam Biddle on Google Glass Evangelism

There’s no clear answer as to why Scoble has hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitter and Facebook, given that he’s just a guy who works for a data hosting company. This isn’t one of the great minds of our … Continue reading

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