Sam Biddle on Google Glass Evangelism

There’s no clear answer as to why Scoble has hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitter and Facebook, given that he’s just a guy who works for a data hosting company. This isn’t one of the great minds of our time putting Google Glass over under a critical lens—Scoble is a loud, rambling man, with enthusiasm for tech toys usually only seen in children. But, habitual blabber that he is, Scoble took to Google+ to explain why Rackspace pays him a salary to travel the world making an ass of himself, wearing a tiny camera into public bathrooms, and writing about it without any break: money. Surprise. “Google Glass is going to need a new kind of cloud computing and Google won’t be able to satisfy all the demand,” Scoble says, and predicts “this will have huge impacts on Rackspace’s business in 2015.”

Glass isn’t just the newest status bauble of Scoble and his buzz-crazed ilk: it’s a future moneymaker, and this is marketing.

– Sam Biddle
Oh God Robert Scoble is Wearing His Google Glasses in the Shower

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