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A Thousand Plateaus as thriller

The first thought that came to my mind after finishing A Thousand Plateaus for the nth time for my comps is that you could read it as a thriller contemporary thriller novel. It has all the trappings of a Dan Brown novel: there … Continue reading

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On Video Games, Content, and Expression

  Frank Lantz recently wrote a post at Gamasutra about formalism. It is fundamentally about the stakes of formalism, what self-described formalists do and do not do, and how he sees the current world of video games. The much-quoted paragraph … Continue reading

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On rrrrrrrroll

I have had rrrrrrrroll open in a tab on my desktop for a month or more, always trying to figure out what I should write about it. Clearly I am never going to get there. Maybe that’s the point. rrrrrrrroll is about a single … Continue reading

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On Weaponized Architecture

I’ve been anticipating Leopold Lambert‘s Weaponized Architecture since I became aware of it last fall. After wrestling with Amazon pushing my order for three months, I finally bit the proverbial book bullet and ordered it from the United Kingdom. After a short … Continue reading

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Parikka on Complicity With Anonymous Media

The archaeological method of  Negarestani’s Cyclonopedia represents a theory-fiction alternative for media archaeology too. What if we employ the same hallucinatory, inspiring way of investigating the subterranean, the secret, the ground that is not defined by stability but dynamic flux of sediments … Continue reading

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Nick Briz’s Apple Computers

Ben Syverson: That’s part of getting yourself in another ecosystem. It’s about adapting and the constraints and they force you to do this thing that you don’t necessarily want to do but you have to do it because if you … Continue reading

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Glissant and Opacity (2): Relation

This post, like a great many (all?) of the posts on this blog, is about my trying to figure something out for myself. What follows is the rambling that I need to do in order to work my way through … Continue reading

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On Rhythm and Comics

Elizabeth Grosz writes in Chaos, Territory, Art that The first artist, for Deleuze, is the architect, the one who distinguishes inside from outside, who draws a boundary, as we have discussed previously. This boundary is not self-protective but erotico-proprietorial: it defines a … Continue reading

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