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On Cart Life

Cart Life broke me in less than half an hour. I started the game as Andrus Poder. Andrus Poder is from Ukraine. He works on his English by translating Ukrainian poetry while on the train to his new life. He has … Continue reading

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David Lulka on the lawn

The condition of the lawn in winter presents a more difficult set of issues. The immanence of grass presents no ethical challenge when lawns remain stagnant in the late summer heat. During winter and spring, however, immanence rears its head … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It

So go look at In Case You Missed It before you read this post. If you’re reading this, chances are good that you have seen the phrase “in case you missed it” over and over again on Twitter and Facebook. The … Continue reading

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On Killing is Harmless

I recently had the concept of “sandwich criticism” explained to me. It goes something like this: you open a critique of a paper, or anything really, with a positive note. That’s the bottom slice of bread. They to proceed to … Continue reading

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Lived Nonhuman Ethics

My core concern, both academically and also personally, is working through the question of what it means to be ethical to nonhumans. Most often that takes the form of the human ethical relationship to animals. That said, my ethical concerns … Continue reading

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Released: Funeral

You can click the image to skip all this reading and just go play Funeral. A few months ago I ran a Kickstarter to fund myself. Or, well, it was to fund a “game” that I had been trying to work … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy IX: Destruction

This essay is part of my Final Fantasy IX series of articles. This is the first scene of mass destruction we are presented with in Final Fantasy IX. It is the eidolon Atomos being summoned to destroy the citystate of Lindblum. You can … Continue reading

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