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On #Misanthropocene

Joshua Clover and Juliana Spahr have published a long, strange poem called #Misanthropocene. It’s a baroque attempt to sketch out the edges, limits, interior of the contemporary condition in of the “west.” It feels a lot like a precursor to something … Continue reading

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On Bifo’s The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance

IF YOU ARE COMING HERE FROM FACEBOOK, CAN YOU PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME WHY THERE IS SO MUCH TRAFFIC COMING FROM THERE TO THIS POST? I have also written about Bifo’s The Soul At Work and Ironic Ethics. I finished the last … Continue reading

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Up Interviews Theron Jacobs

This isn’t content. Instead, its an index, a pointing finger that shouts “look” through its pokey-poke powers. Theron Jacobs, noted internet poet and twitterati, was interviewed by Up, which “exists as a space dedicated to writers and artists driven to create … Continue reading

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