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Dylan Trigg on Agoraphobia

Like Vincent, I too am a victim of agoraphobia. In our shared disdain for ugly architecture, vertiginous hills and strange bodily afflictions, Vincent and I are kindred spirits, separated by time but united by neurosis. As with Vincent, it has … Continue reading

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On Sloterdijk’s Spheres vol.1 – Bubbles

This book is massive, and difficult, and steeped in old, ancient research that, most likely, ten people have ever seen, Peter Sloterdijk being one of them. That said, I was fascinated by the book, and so I am going to … Continue reading

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A Quick Note on Sloterdijk and the Bioshock Series

I’m reading the first volume of Peter Sloterdijk’s Spheres series, titled Bubbles, which is essentially about how space is created. More particularly, it is about how psychological and communicatory practices are enveloped in a struggle that shapes and constitutes space and … Continue reading

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Video Games and the Mental Map

This is really just a blippy thing. There is a new tumblr called Mapstalgia that invites readers to submit maps of video games drawn from memory. That sounds pretty boring, but it is actually really amazing. Most of the maps … Continue reading

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